Training for the Volvo I-Shift spare part with North American customers

We provide training for the reassembly of the Volvo I-Shift AT2612D automatic transmission, as part of the Fersa Care program in the United States.

The Volvo I-Shift AT2612D transmission can pose a challenge when repairing, due to its mechanical and electronic complexity. As part of the complete service strategy for the mechanic, Fersa Care, we have conducted a training session on its reassembly at our logistics facilities in Toledo, Ohio (USA). It took place over the course of 3 days, in which 40 clients took part. For this event, we counted with the participation of a guest expert technician who specializes in this type of transmission, with more than 20 years of experience in the repair of trucks and, especially, of this Volvo transmission.

40 rebuilders from the United States and Canada participated in the training session and were pleasantly surprised with the added value that Fersa provides. During the exercise, we presented the different tools for the assembly and disassembly of transmissions and parts. Within the range of Fersa bearings, we wish to highlight the F-Box bearings and gears.

The program began in 2015 as a tool to promote accessibility, active listening, and confidence for the auto repair shops. Two years later, the service offered through Fersa Care has evolved and now includes everything from brand training and classes for the auto repair shops to specific tools for each use, as well as complete information on cross-references. To carry this out, the service is based on three fundamental pillars: Fersa Academy, Fersa Tools and Fersa Warranty.