MEYLE brake components in endurance test at Truck Racing

Heavyweights with more than 1,100 hp and a weight of five tons that race at 160 km/h across the race track. This is only possible with truck racing. The components are expected to deliver top performance at all times - especially the brakes: before the corners, the trucks brake very hard, from 160 km/h to only 40-50 km/h in some cases.

The brakes can reach extreme temperatures in the shortest possible time, making water cooling of the brake discs indispensable.

In order for the driver to brake safely, efficiently and without delay, the brake disc must retain its characteristics. MEYLE has been using MEYLE-ORIGINAL brake discs in race trucks since 2014 to test whether and to what extent the MEYLE brake discs can withstand these loads. The knowledge gained from these applications flows directly into the further technical development of brake discs. In 2014 the MEYLE-ORIGINAL brake discs, for example, have been optimized in terms of their material composition. The further developed brake discs are currently being installed in the MAN race truck from SL Trucksport 30 and will continue to be put through their paces on the race track. Since 2018, the new MEYLE-PD brake pads have been available on the independent aftermarket for the first time as parts that have been completely redeveloped through cooperation with a racing team. The brake pads feature an optimized, low-wear friction material mix: With the aid of a special pad friction mixture that has been tested in multi-stage processes, braking performance can be improved and braking distance reduced. The MEYLE-PD brake pads thus bring even trucks weighing tons to a standstill in the shortest possible time in a stable and safe manner. The new brake pads have been manufactured in accordance with the ECE-R90 standard and are adapted to the enormous loads in truck racing and the daily demands of daily road traffic. They are supplied for quick and cost-effective replacement, including all installation materials. “Even if racing for trucks is likely to remain the exception, it is good for our customers to know that our MEYLE brake parts, for example, can easily keep up everywhere,” says Sven Nielsen, Head of Product Strategy and Development at MEYLE. “Our goal was to develop brake pads that meet the high-quality standards of our customers and, of course, the racing teams. The new brake components can easily withstand any driving situation – we have tested this intensively on the race track.”

Sascha Lenz and the SL Trucksport 30 team are well aware that MEYLE brake components meet the high demands of truck racing and can withstand several races without damage, which is why they have relied on MEYLE brake discs for many years. “Brakes have to withstand a lot – from training and test drives to the four races, they are used for almost 500 kilometres on every weekend. The fact that the MEYLE parts can survive several weekends speaks for the enormously high quality,” explains Stefan Honens, race engineer with the SL Trucksport 30 team.