Sachs clutches offer cost effective HCV travel

ZF Aftermarket offers a broad product portfolio of clutches under the Sachs brand also for heavy commercial vehicles (HCV). Utilizing the latest innovations in material development, the clutch disk(s now have new facings. This means that even under the harsh conditions faced by this class of vehicle, they are less susceptible to wear; making them a more cost effective and efficient market choice.

Sachs clutches stand for reliability and quality. They ensure that the engine power is evenly transferred to the road, but in doing so are subject to a number of highly dynamic impacts. The system-related wear of the clutch facing results in a change to the power/travel ratio and needs to be taken into consideration when designing the clutch.

As such, the use of the highest quality materials together with effective interaction of all components is decisive in terms of the clutch system economy. Characterized by its excellent thermal stability and high-quality, the new HCV clutch facing offers significant protection to the flywheel friction surface, resulting in noticeable minimized wear. Initially, this facing is available for the following clutch discs: 362 mm; 395 mm; 400 mm and 430 mm.

Environmentally-friendly production

The material used in the manufacture of the recently developed facing is free of asbestos, lead, cadmium, mercury or chromium-VI. In addition, no solvents are used in the production process. As is the case with all OE quality products from ZF Aftermarket, the new clutch facing complies with all facing test specifications (BPS97).

Professional tips for experts

HCV repairs should be performed swiftly, by professionals using the highest standard components to minimize vehicle downtime which is inefficient and can be expensive. Using cheaper inferior quality parts is a false economy as the parts may have to be replaced sooner, resulting in the vehicle being off the road twice.

Clutch malfunctions such as poor separating behavior may also indicate a faulty release system. For the safest and fastest replacement, ZF Aftermarket Sachs offers workshops practical Sachs clutch kits. Containing all the parts necessary, these kits guarantee swift and faultless replacement. They consist of the pressure plate, the clutch disk and release bearing as well as a matching greasing pad for the lubrication of the hub splines.

For fast and easy identification of parts, the ZF Part Finder app allows customers to search by reference number or vehicle manufacturer. Compatible with iOS and Android PCs, tablets and smartphones, this is available in xx languages and can be downloaded free of charge in app stores worldwide.