Busworld Academy and UITP extend strategic partnership

Busworld Academy and UITP have announced a continuation of a strategic partnership that will see the two collaborate for the International Bus Conference in 2019.

The agreement – jointly signed by Busworld Academy President Redgy Deschacht and UITP Secretary General Mohamed Mezghani – continues the relationship between UITP and Busworld Academy, which has seen joint conferences on regional events such as Busworld Latin America (Medellin, 5-7 December 2017) and Busworld Russia (Moscow, 23-25 October 2018).
Since the Busworld Europe exhibition is moving to Brussels in 2019, the International Bus Conference will see the event take place at the Brussels Expo Centre in the Belgian capital for the very first time (18-23 October 2019) with the previous edition taking place in Kortrijk (23-25 October 2017).
The new venue and location are a unique opportunity to organise the biggest International Bus Conference ever.
“After two first very successful joint events in 2017 at Busworld Europe and Busworld Latin America, Busworld Academy is more than happy to extend and intensify its collaboration with UITP. This will result in more joint conferences and seminars in Russia later this month and in Belgium during the very first edition of Busworld Europe in Brussels in October 2019. Other possibilities are under consideration. It is clear that Busworld Academy welcomes UITP as its prior urban public transport conference partner and I am sure we will continue this positive vibe with new collaborations in the future!”
Jan Deman, Director Busworld Academy
The first edition of 2017 was a huge success with Sold Out status and almost 500 registered participants for the three day conference.
By joining forces Busworld Academy and UITP brought together the oldest and most famous bus and coach exhibition and UITP’s global expertise.
The conference allowed visitors of the Busworld Europe exhibition – which attracted over 37,000 visitors from 118 countries with 376 exhibitors from 33 countries – to complement their visit with rich insights and practical takeaways from the established UITP International Bus Conference.
Hundreds of exhibitors have already registered for the 2019 edition and information on the Conference – including speakers and programme – will become available at a later date.