Public transport and new challenges. The journey on

The perfect media to tell about the evolution of urban public mobility. is a brand new media fully dedicated to low or zero emission buses and sustainable public transport systems. The area of interest is the whole world. The launch has been scheduled for today, on the occasion of the Transport Publics 2018 exhibition in Paris. covers product news (not just full electric buses but also
hybrids, trolleybuses, fuel cell and alternative fueled buses such as cng and lng) and
experiences and case studies from transport operators. It follows tenders on sustainable
buses from all over the world, and it devotes attention also on parts and smart mobility
solutions (ticketing, autonomous drive…). Last but not least,
covers the main international exhibitions and congresses on the topic of sustainability in
people transportation.
Why Because urban mobility is at a turning point, facing
the challenges of electrification and shift toward less polluting transport systems. Big
cities are setting target of banning diesel vehicles, and European Union, through the
‘European Clean Bus Deployment Initiative’ is pushing for the transition to alternative
fueled buses. According to UITP, in 2030 half of the European market of urban buses
will be electric. In this clear framework, a global media fully focused on clean buses and
sustainability in the field of public transport didn’t exist. wants
to fill this gap, not just following the market but aiming to play a role in the building of a
new mobility culture based on the value of sustainability. candidates itself to become a key tool for manufacturers,
transport operators, municipalities and all the companies and people involved in the
transition to sustainable transport. is not just a website, but a whole network made up of a website
updated on a daily basis with the latest news; a weekly newsletter and social network
channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube), in order to meet the needs
of a broad and diverse public.