Vision Systems’ collision risk detection at UTP Cooloque Bus

UTP Colloque Bus, 29-30 May Fribourg, Switzerland – stand 29 Transports Publics, The European Mobility Exhibition, 12-14 June, Paris, France – stand I22

Building on an 80-year expertise in rear vision and on its business unit Safety Tech, dedicated to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Vision Systems will showcase its latest innovative solutions dedicated to the bus and coach market, focused on comfort and safety: Savety-Front, collision risks detection solution, and Smart-Vision, R10 R46 R118 approved mirrorless rearview system.

The Savety-Front solution is particularly designed for urban vehicles to reduce the number of accidents in town by at least 50%. It consists of intelligent sensors that alerts the driver when a risk of collision with a vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian is detected. The anticipation of collision is based on path comparison, taking in account the road users’ position, speed and direction. The solution differentiates a road user who represents a potential collision danger from another one who does not; if there is no collision risk, the alert does not activate. The system can also include guidance and maneuver assistance, video recording for insurances and statistics on risk areas for drivers’ training or improvement of urban space.

The Savety-Front solution will also be presented on a TOSA bus for TPG, at Hess stand (UTP).